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Today’s Entertainment – Your Manager’s Grammar Mistakes

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Funny Grammar Mistake

Maybe you are a high powered senior manager, or maybe you are just starting out with a small group to manage. In any case, you want to be taken seriously as a manager, a leader. You’ve worked hard to cultivate a reputation for ‘doing it right the first time’. But for whatever reason, you’ve noticed that your peers and subordinates seem to smile and laugh just a little bit more at you when you walk into the room. “What happened? What’s so funny? Do I have something on my face” you think to yourself. When you get back to your office, you read an email reply asking what you meant in your previous email. After a couple of times re-reading what you sent, it finally hits home. You made a grammatical error in your email to the group, and the result was an unintended meaning, with hilarious double-meanings. You suddenly feel like you’ve lost some (or even a lot) of your credibility.

Don’t be the butt of a joke. Grammar mistakes are fairly common and easy to make, but for a leader, they just aren’t acceptable. Grammar seminars are inexpensive and held all over the world. You won’t have any problem finding a grammar seminar in a town or city near you, or even a grammar webinar that you may be able to attend from your office or home computer.

As a leader or manager, you are expected to always be clear in your communications, and grammar mistakes will almost always muddy the waters of clear communication. Grammar courses won’t necessarily go over grammar from A to Z – that would take weeks. Instead, the instructor will focus on the most common grammar mistakes found in corporate communications. You might think you would never fall into one of the common grammar traps, but even seasoned writers can accidentally insert an extra ‘o’ into ‘lose’, completely changing the meaning of a sentence when ‘loose’ is read instead. Or even accidentally typing ‘there’ when you meant to type ‘their’. Your grammar instructor will help you to find ways to identify when you’ve accidentally made a grammar mistake or typo.

Protect your reputation. Take the time to learn from professional writers who know where the grammar pitfalls are. When your writing is error-free, your intended message gets through without the distraction of entertaining typo and grammar mistakes. You can find excellent grammar seminars near you from leading seminar providers like Skillpath and National Seminars. The small price of the seminar will have enormous ROI in the long term for your career.