An Unfortunate Tweet

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Last week, an unsuspecting sheriff’s deputy, Darren Goforth, was gunned down execution style at a convenience store in Houston after getting gas, causing overwhelming support for the men in blue. There were, as there always are, a few dissenting opinions. One young woman’s off-the-cuff remarks on Twitter received special attention nationwide for its wording. This woman’s tweet clearly illustrates the power and impact of words.


A quick analysis of this tweet is as revealing as it is shocking. The first phrase of the tweet reveals either her hatred for policemen and policewomen, a lack of respect for the family of victim of horrible crime, or simply awful judgment – or all three. The media’s research into who Monica Foy is has revealed her to be a member of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which is in some form or another an anti-police movement. So it’s clear that she is predisposed to distrust members of the police force, but it would be hard to believe that she would stoop so low as to not “care about a dead cop”.

The next part of the first sentence indicates that she feels he must have deserved to be shot to death. As a member of a movement that states that “Lives Matter”, it’s hard to come to grips with the gritty irony of her statement. Did she, as a #BlackLivesMatter movement supporter, ask the same question of Michael Brown, Eric Garner or Trayvon Martin? Perhaps her statement was just a poorly worded question about what the motive could have been for shooting Deputy Goforth.

The final statement of the tweet is the climax to a mountain of ill-worded thoughts – “He had creepy perv eyes…”. This statement alone says volumes about the character and thought processes of this woman. First of all, she has made it clear that appearances are of significant importance to her, perhaps because she has been judged by her appearances, particularly her weight. Although it is implied, it’s unlikely that she feels that someone with “perv eyes” deserves to die. The comment was made tongue-in-cheek, as a joke to win approval of those who read her tweets. She most likely is desperately seeking to be accepted and approved among her peers, whomever they may be. One can only imagine who wouldn’t be appalled by this statement, and would their approval and acceptance really have any value?


Finally, this 29 word tweet has probably destroyed her life. She has become a laughing stock to the entire country (or world), was subsequently arrested on a four year old warrant as a result, has made an enemy of the police force and probably will be expelled from the university she has been attending. Her life has been irreversibly changed for the worse. She may find it hard to find employment now. She may not be able to complete her degree, and she may be forever identified by the stigma of being a cop-hater. She may be a fun-loving easy-going individual, but her words have changed the world’s view of her forever, from which she may never recover.

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